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OPEN FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS Global Ranger Congress 09 - 12 OCT | City of Horta, Faial Island | Azores Oceans, Climate Change
and Biodiversity
09 - 12 OCT | City of Horta, Faial Island | Azores
Conferences and Professional Training Actions 09 - 12 OCT | City of Horta, Faial Island | Azores Exchange between Ranger Associations 09 - 12 OCT | City of Horta, Faial Island | Azores Sharing Professional Experiences and Techniques 09 - 12 OCT | City of Horta, Faial Island | Azores


It will take place at Teatro Faialense, in the city of Horta, and proposes the approach of current themes, namely
'Oceans, Climate Change and Biodiversity', with the aim of seeking solutions for mitigating environmental problems and for the recognition of the profession and promotion of international exchange. In addition to the important exchanges of technical experiences, the Congress will try to promote exchanges between Ranger Associations, so that they can share experiences, results and professional performance techniques. Within these Central Themes, Conferences and Professional Training Actions will be held on various aspects of general interest such as Forests and Nature Conservation.

Registration at the Congress until 10 SET = 350€

5 Nights (Double Room with Breakfast) + 8 Meals (4 Lunches and Dinners)


Since its founding in 1989, the Portuguese Association of Nature Guards and Watchers has been carrying out various activities in order to publicize the importance of the work of Nature Watchers in Nature Conservation, among which stands out the organization of 23 National Congresses and of the Iberian Congress of Nature Watchers, Forestry and Environmental Agents (Portugal/Spain). The organization of the
'Global Ranger Congress' is in charge of a Commission made up of members of the Portuguese Association of Guards and Watchers of Nature, with the support of the Government of the Azores and the collaboration of the Municipality of Horta.

October 9, 2023

Registration for Delegates, Guests and Media


October 10, 2023

Thematic visits to the island of Faial*


October 11, 2023

Thematic visits to the island of Faial*


October 12, 2023

Thematic visits to the island of Faial*



The Azores Autonomous Region is composed of nine islands that extend themselves through a vast oceanic surface. The islands are very far from each other, for that reason they were sorted in three groups: East Group (Santa Maria and São Miguel), Central Group (Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial) and Western Group (Flores and Corvo).
All the islands are elevated regions of the undersea mountain range – the mid-Atlantic ridge. The rocks are mainly volcanic (basalts).
The islands have a very pronounced relief characterised by volcanic cones still well preserved.
The highest point of the Portuguese territory is Pico with 2351 metres, at Pico island, being easily spotted from Faial island.


Faial island (the blue island) has 19.8 km of length and 14 km of maximum width, the island surface, 173.1 km2 has almost a pentagonal shape.
Faial is part of the Central Group and is the most western island of the so called “triangle”, the other islands are Pico and São Jorge. The highest point of the island (1043 metres) is located at Cabeço Gordo.
The name of the island comes from many specimens of Morella Faya (Fire Tree) that populate it.
The first official settlements were of Flemish and Portuguese ancestry and arrived at the island around 1465.

Conferences, Training Actions and Thematic Visits

A unique professional experience that combines nature, heritage and culture


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